taobao 1688 buying agentbuy from China

Buying from China in 4 steps

  • Simply provide products info
  • Pay products fee and we start the buying
  • Products arrive at our warehosue
  • Pay international shipping fee and ship out order

Cost detail

Type instruction
Products fee Include the domestic shipping fee here
we will combine domestic shipping fee for buying from the same (taobao)seller
If there is any discount for the product, we will get it and refund the difference to your balance
Commission 3% X (products fee and domestic shipping fee)
International shipping fee Depend on country,weight and shipping method,
So it has be calculated after all products arrrive and we take the weight.
Please use SHIPPING CALCULATOR below or check rate here
Take photo for each arrive product Free
Warehouse storage fee Free for the first 60 days. After that, it will cost 200CNY/cubic meter/month
Sourcing service
(you don't know the product URL)
Addtional 206 CNY for each kind of product.
Only charge when you accept the product and ask us to buy it.
So only successful sourcing will be charged
Price negotiation service For single type product value > 5000 CNY
OR multiple type products from same seller value >10000 CNY
We will auto bargain price with seller
50% of the saving cost will be refund to you
another 50% will be for our working


Shipping fee from China
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