Buy from 1688.com and ship to Nigeria  guide
by jiang

Buy from 1688.com and ship to Nigeria guide

1688.com is a good place for merchant from Nigeria to purchase product and resell in Nigeria

However, Shipping to Nigeria is not cheap. 

Sometimes it's difficult to earn profit after paying such a high shipping cost from China to Nigeria

Shipping by sea seem to be the only way if you want to make business bigger and earn more profit.

Here's guide to use the service in buytaobao1688.com purchase in 1688.com and to ship to Nigeria by sea freight:

1. Normally add product and submit to ship when all products arrived at our warehouse

2. We start to forward your goods to port in China and start to ship by sea. It usually take 2 months

3. After goods arrive Lagos port in Nigeria, shipping company will call you to pick up your goods. 

   Custom clearance and custom tax all will be handled by shipping company.

   So what you need is just go to pick up